What to Look for When Choosing Your Wedding DJ

A disc jockey (aka DJ) is a person who plays a mix of recorded music for an audience. In the case of your wedding DJ, the audience will be YOU, YOUR guests, YOUR close friends, YOUR family, YOUR work colleagues, etc. We believe that you and your guests are extremely important, which is why our goal is to provide the most exceptional DJ services possible! We also know that the DJ plays a key role in making your wedding/reception an absolute success!

Here are 10 questions to consider when booking your wedding DJ:

1. What is your DJ experience? Have you DJed many weddings or does most of your experience come from DJing at clubs and corporate events/parties? The point of these questions are to find out whether a DJ is well-rounded.

2. How do you customize the music experience for each couple? Do you allow couples to make song suggestions? How do you pump up the crowd? Since your wedding is your special day, it is important that the style of music played will reflect you as well as please your guests! This means avoiding do-not-play lists and accepting must-play songs. We want your guests to have a blast – this means that our DJs will do their absolute best to motivate even the shyest crowds to dance the night away!

3. What sound equipment will be utilized? All equipment is not created equally! If the size or design of your venue requires a certain number of speakers, microphones for the ceremony and reception, and/or lighting, be sure to ask the DJ what they are able to provide in order to avoid disappointment and to be sure that all needs are met.

4. Have you played at our venue before? If a DJ has not played at your chosen venue, this is not a deal breaker. They should, however, plan to become familiar with the layout and electrical situation before the day of your event.

5. Are we able to choose our DJ or will one be assigned to our wedding? In the case of Live Oak DJ, we are comprised of multiple DJs who vary in experience, prices, and styles. We do our very best to match you with the most appropriate DJ for your wedding, but we will absolutely set you up with the DJ of your choice if you already have a specific request!

6. What other services do you offer? Since wedding planning includes so many elements, it is so important to know when you have an opportunity to bundle multiple services! Live Oak DJ offers up lighting and photo booth (Live Oak Photo Booth) options as well!

7. Will you keep track of the schedule on our wedding day? This is important even if you have a day-of wedding planner. Your DJ plays a huge role in setting the tone of the wedding and keeps your special day flowing seamlessly.

8. What will happen in the case of an emergency? What if you get sick? What if, what if, what if? Your focus should be on having the time of your life, not wondering what will happen if your DJ isn’t able to show up. A wonderful perk of hiring a Live Oak DJ is that we will send another totally qualified DJ to your event in the case of an emergency. Whew!

9. Do you have liability insurance? This is so important since you never know what will happen! Rest easy knowing that Live Oak DJs all have liability insurance.

10. How would you describe your style? You want to have a relationship with everyone who will be largely involved in one of the most important days of your life, right? Right. So, go ahead – get to know your DJ! Ask whether they consider themselves more casual or formal. Ask about their favorite genres of music. Ask away!

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