DJ Jonathan


Jonathan started DJing and collecting records in 1998. At first, DJing was a hobby that provided a new way to experience and interact with music. After several years of digging for records, researching music history, DJing at house parties and making mix tapes, Jonathan moved into the professional realm of DJing. Taking 2 weekly gigs and various other gigs around Minneapolis, Jonathan further refined his ability read the crowd and select music accordingly.

Jonathan DJed his first wedding for some dear friends and had a great experience! From there he would pick up a few weddings a year for friends and through word of mouth.

Upon moving to Austin in 2008, Jonathan quickly began picking up DJ gigs around town and continued DJing weddings for friends and friends-of-friends. After getting married to his awesome wife, Tara, in 2012, Jonathan gained a greater understanding of the needs and desires of a bride and groom.

Jonathan joined on with Live Oak DJ early 2013. He has impressed his clients with his DJing, but also by being professional, punctual, flexible and relaxed during meetings and on the big day!

Jonathan and Tara now have an adorable two year old son named Sonny!